Juliet is a next-gen collaborative business intelligence tool. Optimize performance to drive top line revenue, reduce downtime, and maximize cash flow. Enhance team integration and corporate transparency through Juliet’s online dashboards.


Find value in your data. Juliet is packed with features that allow you to work smarter.

Rent Roll, Disrupted

An immersive, data-heavy display including rent, unit status, 10 year rent history and more.

Embedded Analytics

Review financial data in granular detail at a glance. Graphically display key financial metrics to save time and drive revenue.

Actionable Notifications

Automated alerts proactively bring critical issues to your team. Complete deal teams can finally operate on the same page.

Simple Onboarding

Juliet interprets nightly exports to function seamlessly with existing accounting software, allowing businesses to level-up without losing historical data.

Activity Media Module

Collect every action and activity in a unit, allowing teams to post and view videos, emails, inspection reports, and more.

Operational Calendars

Leave deadlines to Juliet. Debt, insurance, and lease reminders are shown on a centralized dashboard for all key dates let you gain control of your portfolio.

Stacking Grid

Juliet’s Stacking grid takes the traditional rent roll, infuses it with elements of the most frequently used reports and displays the information intuitively, instantly, and beautifully. Graphic cues for critical alerts allow users to work efficiently.

Juliet’s stacking grid revolutionizes the way a multifamily owner sees their portfolio. View gross and net rents, 10 year rent history, and link to every activity that has taken place in a unit over time. Utilize tools to save time and drive revenue.


Leasing Module

Juliet recognizes that transparency into your business will maximize productivity – and cash flow. With our Leasing Module, you can manage day to day details giving you unparalleled insight into your lease process data so you can decide  when to renew or list –  and at what price –  thus increasing NOI.

The Day to Day​

Increased NOI​

Efficiency in your team’s performance will result in higher rents, increased retention, and a decrease in (unnecessary) overhead.

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